This multimedia software package is not meant to replace any of the printed guides, such as the "Guide to potato production  in South   Africa". The aim is rather to supplement existing publications by  making production guidelines and the latest  research results more timely available to farmers. It still contains production  guideline information in a condensed format,  but has the added advantage that it can be rapidly updated as new information   becomes available. This will ensure that  information reach end-users more timely. Martin Steyn  Acknowledgements The author hereby acknowledges contributions by the authors of following Agricultural Research Council (ARC) publications.  The information in this multimedia guide is largely based on these two publications: Denner, F. & Venter, S. 2011. Handleiding vir Aartappelverbouing in Suid-Afrika. ISBN 978-1-86849-406-4. ARC-Roodeplaat.  Pretoria.  Niederwieser, J.G. 2003. Guide to Potato Production in South Africa. ISBN 1-86848-274-5. ARC-Roodeplaat. Pretoria.